Ludlow China hebt LDK Kursziel auf 80 – 90 Dollar

Die ersten Analysen zu den gestern nachbörslich gelieferten LDK Zahlen sind da:
Ludlow China upgrades LDK Solar, a Chinese manufacture of solar polysilicon wafers, from a B- to B rating based on earnings guidance, adjusts 2008 price target to $80 to $90 price range.  

Mark Blackwell, Research Associate with Ludlow Energy Ventures commented, „LDK came through on both their top and bottom line estimates, with net sale up 311% from the prior year, after securing 9 long-term contracts over the period. Gross margins could have shown better performance, but their new polysilicon plant expected to come online in late 2008 should offset this.

It is in our opinion that LDK Solar may provide for a great entry at or below the $35 to $40 range for the longer term investor.“  Ludlow China upgraded LDK Solar’s equity rating from B- to B, and adjusting the company 2008 price target to $80 to $90 a share.

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