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Gestern war ein wirklich sehr schwacher Tag für amerikanische Solarwerte. Der gesamte Sektor wurde gestern verkauft und man muß heute wohl sehe genau beobachten wie es weiter geht. nach wie vor sind sehr viele Aktien bei diversen Werten Short. Nach der starken Performance der letzten Woche ist ein Konsolidierung durchaus eine gesunde Sache. Die Frage ist nun wie sich die Werte in den Wochen der US Berichssaison schlagen werden.

Sehr gute Nachrichten gab es gestern abend noch bei LDK Solar. Die Ermittlungen wegen der angeblich falsch ausgewiesenen Lagerbestände, die die Aktie im vergangenen Jahr auf Grund von Gerüchten unter Druck gebracht hatten, haben sich als haltlos erwiesen. Die Untersuchungskommission hat gestern ihre Untersuchungen ergebnislos eingestellt- Diese Unsicherheiten sollten nun somit ein für alle Mal beseitigt sein. Hier nun der Originaltext:

An independent audit in December found „no material errors“ in the company’s accounting, but some analysts remained skeptical (see Independent LDK Audit Finds ’No Material Errors’ and Inventory Concerns Keep Haunting LDK). According to the annual report, the company found out about the commission’s staff decision on March 24.

LDK, along with several of its officers and directors, still faces a federal class-action lawsuit in the Northern District of California, as well as a lawsuit alleging „breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment,“ to be heard in California’s Santa Clara County Superior Court, based on the same allegations. The company said it plans to file motions to dismiss the complaints this month and anticipates judgments on the motions by June.

„Based on the results of this independent investigation,“ the annual report stated, „the decision by the SEC staff not to recommend any enforcement action against us and consultation with our legal counsel, we believe it is not probable that an unfavorable outcome will occur upon the ultimate resolution of the pending litigation for this matter.“
„It is not possible, however, for us to reasonably estimate the amount of loss, if any, we would incur in the event of an unfavorable outcome from the resolution of this uncertainty.“ LDK added the lawsuits to its list of risks, along with new risks pertaining to its silicon plants and its debt.

According to the company, risks related to the 1,000-ton and 15,000-ton silicon plants being built by LDK include: Failure to complete its polysilicon production plant and bring it up to full operation within budget and on schedule could „adversely affect“ its operating results and business expansion strategies. LDK „may not be successful in producing polysilicon cost-effectively.“

The manufacture of polysilicon „presents operational difficulties and dangers“ that could „materially adversely affect its business, operating results and financial condition.“ The company also said it has „substantial existing indebtedness“ and may incur more debt in the future, which could „adversely affect“ its financial condition and its ability to generate the cash it needs to satisfy its debt obligations.

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